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Keep Your Eyes on the Sky: Birding in Halifax County, North Carolina


Hang Out Where the Birds Do

While many birding spots around the United States are seasonal and based on the birds’ migratory patterns, there are birds in Halifax County, North Carolina all year round! Fortunately, Halifax County has quite a few places to encourage both locals and tourists alike to keep an eye out for these feathered friends.

Halifax County is actually home to three stops on the official North Carolina Birding Trail: the Roanoke River Paddle Trail, the Roanoke Canal Trail, and Medoc Mountain State Park. All of them are worth a visit if you’re hoping to see the best birds in town.

First up, there’s the Roanoke River Paddle Trail. As the name of this trail implies, you’ll need to stretch your arm muscles and test your paddling skills at this bird watching spot. The Roanoke River Paddle Trail boasts over 140 miles of waterways for you to explore by kayak or canoe! With all of that space, there’s no wonder that there are over 200 bird species living in the area. You can find bald eagles, osprey, and owls sitting in their nests or flying from tree to tree. And don’t forget to keep your ears open, as there are 44 species of songbirds hanging out around the Roanoke River Paddle Trail as well.

Then, there’s the Roanoke Canal Trail. This 7.5-mile biking and walking route is actually a part of the Roanoke Canal Museum. During your bike ride, you’ll be able to see stunning nature, historical ruins, and of course loads of birds. Keep an eye out for eagles, hawks, barred owls, and great blue herons.


Finally, there’s Medoc Mountain State Park. Within the nearly 4,000 acres of land, Medoc Mountain State Park boasts dozens of bird species. You can find everything from chipping sparrows to yellow-throated warblers to American robins to wild turkeys. And if you’re looking for the best spot to see these feathered friends, the Discovery and Stream Loop Trails, the Medoc Mountain Summit Loop Trail, and the Bluff Loop Trail are all fantastic options.

Support Bird Life Conservation

But arguably the easiest place to spot your flying friends in Halifax County, North Carolina is at Sylvan Heights Bird Park. This lovely birding attraction was first started in 1981 by a pair of bird lovers named Mike and Ali Lubbock. Together, the Lubbocks began a breeding program for rare waterfowl from all across the globe.


Today, Sylvan Heights Bird Park’s mission has changed quite a bit. Instead of breeding birds, this non-profit is committed to advancing waterfowl conservation and educating the public about this cause. To do so, the staff of Sylvan Heights Bird Park takes care of over 2,500 birds, including parakeets, toucans, flamingos, cranes, owls, and so many more! 


While Sylvan Heights Bird Park is loads of fun, it’s also very educational. Within this 18-acre park, you can learn all about the many bird species, feed the feathered flocks, take a guided tour, watch the hatchlings in incubators, and listen to an educational science talk. At the end of your visit, you can consider making a small donation to help Sylvan Heights Bird Park continue its great conservation work. 


Hear Their Bird Songs Throughout the Night

While you can’t quite stay with the birds in their nests, you can stay as close as possible at the Tartan House Bed & Breakfast. This accommodation is located just two miles away from all of your avian friends at the Sylvan Heights Bird Park.


When you first walk up to the Tartan House Bed & Breakfast, you’ll gape in awe at the Greek revival-style southern plantation manor house. Originally built in 1910, this eye-catching house now has five rooms for guests within its white walls. Each of these rooms just oozes charm with its sparkling hardwood floors, original moldings, and cute pocket doors.


And while the rooms are certainly amazing, most guests rave even more about the breakfast. As you dine under an Austrian crystal chandelier, you can devour many of the best breakfast bites. Last but certainly not least, the Tartan House Bed & Breakfast also boasts a fitness area and a crackling fireplace.

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